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O’Sullivan Pump Co. is a water pump and well service company servicing the Greater Sacramento, Central Valley, and East Bay areas. We are your well pump specialists.

Water Pump


Pump & Motor

A pump and motor is a two piece system. The motor is connected to the pump. When the motor turns on, it spins the impellers in the pump and then pushes water into the system.


Cable is the another term used for wire. Cable/wire is used on submersible well pumps to get power to the pump at the bottom of the well providing you with water to your system.

Drain Valve

A drain valve is an external part on the bottom of the pressure tank. We use this valve to drain the water at a high rate when we need to service the pressure tank.

Well Casing

Well casing is the pipe that is used to construct the well walls that the well pump will sit inside. The well casing also helps support the well seal at the top of the well. The most common domestic well casing size is 6", 8", and 10". A typical ag well casing size is 12 inches or even bigger!

Check Valve

A check valve is a one way valve. It would be used to hold pressure in the tank or use to hold water in the drop pipe.

Submersible Pump

A submersible pump is a pump and motor combination. It is submerged in the water in the well casing. This is used to bring the water from the ground into the pressure tank, then into the house or irrigation system.

Our Services

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Pump Installation

Moved to a new property and just had a well dug? We are here for all your pump installation needs. Together we can discuss what you are looking for out of your system.

Pump Service/Repair

No water? Problems with your pump? Let one of our technicians come out and diagnose the problem with your system. With over 12 years of experience in the industry...

Well Inspections & Water Treatment Services

Purchasing a new property? OPC provides detailed well inspections. In addition to checking your pump system..

O’Sullivan Pump Co.

Servicing the greater Sacramento, Central Valley, and East Bay Areas.

O’Sullivan Pump Co. is a water pump and well service company owned and operated by Ryan O’Sullivan out of Herald, California. Ryan recently moved to the greater Sacramento area and quickly recognized the need for reliable well pump service in the area.

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